Honda Transmission Repair in Williston

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Our Honda service center in Williston is dedicated to keeping your vehicle running at the best of its capabilities. As one of the most complex and important pieces of any vehicle, the transmission needs to be taken care of, as it converts the rotational speed from the engine to the road speed needed by your wheels.

Honda Transmission Service in Williston

A vehicle’s transmission is a complex system of gears powered by the engine’s flywheel, basically moving between gear sets to increase or decrease the torque and speed output of your wheels.

Manual transmissions allow the driver to use a clutch when shifting gears, while others like continuously variable transmissions, or CVTs, automated manuals, toroidal and more. Automatic transmission repairs are generally more complicated than manual transmission repairs, as the former tend to feature more intricate parts.

Extensive repairs or a full transmission rebuild can take a fair amount of time due to their complicated nature, which is why we recommend staying on top of your Honda transmission’s condition and getting fluid exchanges when your vehicle calls for it.

When Do I Need Transmission Service?

Transmission service intervals can vary between vehicle models and transmission types, but the following signs point to required service sooner rather than later:

  • Delays when shifting gears
  • Car shakes or shudders at any speed
  • Transmission fluid leaks from the vehicle
  • Burning smell coming from under the hood
  • Transmission slips, grinds or jumps while accelerating
  • Transmission fluid on the dipstick is cloudy, thick or has a bad odor
  • The manual transmission gear shifter is physically hard to move or won’t shift into another gear

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If your Honda is in need of transmission service, including repairs, schedule a service appointment with us as soon as possible. We also invite you to browse our service specials to potentially use on your next visit.

If you have any questions about maintaining your Honda transmission and other important parts, be sure to contact us online at Ryan Honda, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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