How To Check Brake Fluid

Mechanic checking brake fluid
Brake fluid lubricates your car’s brake system and helps your brakes to last longer as you drive in Watford City. Learning how to check brake fluid, and when it needs to be replaced, is an important part of maintaining your Honda vehicle. So what color is brake fluid when it’s fresh vs. when it needs to be changed? In the guide below, find out what you need to know about how to check brake fluid with the service center experts at Ryan Honda of Williston!

What Does Brake Fluid Do?

Before learning how to check brake fluid, you’ll need to know how it works and when it needs to be replaced. Fresh brake fluid is a yellow-tinted, clear hydraulic fluid that lubricates a vehicle’s braking system. It has two main functions: ensuring that your brake pedal works smoothly, and preventing corrosion. Replacing your car’s brake fluid regularly can extend the life of your brakes.

Low levels of brake fluid may result in friction that wears down your brake pads. Fortunately, knowing how to check brake fluid can help you to avoid damage and catch brake fluid leaks early.

What Color is Brake Fluid?

What color is brake fluid when it needs to be replaced? As you read above, fresh brake fluid should be tinted yellow and nearly clear. Over time, it will gather contaminants that turn it gray and gritty. Regardless of the color, experts recommend changing your brake fluid every 24 to 36 months. That’s because brake fluid is a hygroscopic substance, which means it readily attracts moisture from the surrounding air. Moisture won’t affect the color of the brake fluid, but it will make it less effective at lubrication by lowering the boiling point. That’s something you want to avoid, because increased friction and heat in your brake system can have serious effects like corrosion and brake fluid leaks.

Schedule Professional Honda Brake Service in Williston

For details on how to check brake fluid, don’t hesitate to contact the Ryan Honda of Williston service center or visit us near Dickinson. Wondering why drivers across New Town trust us for Honda service? Our certified technicians are specially trained to work on your Honda model and use only genuine OEM replacement parts. Plus, you can save on oil changes, brake service, and more with our service specials!

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