How to Jump-Start a Car

Jump Start a Car


We’ve all been there: you go to start your car, and all of a sudden, it starts to spit and sputter, not completely turning over. Or maybe there’s simply radio silence, and you can’t get it started at all. You may be dealing with a dead battery or a battery that’s low on juice. For the latter, you can remedy the situation temporarily by jump-starting your vehicle. But how do you properly jump-start a car in Williston? Ryan Honda has the tips! Read on or contact us to learn more!

Here’s How to Properly Jump-Start Your Car

To begin the jump-starting process, you’ll need to secure a set of jumper cables and another vehicle. Of course, you could also call a towing service. If, however, you’re looking to do a DIY jump-start, then this is what you’re going to want to do:

  1. Park both vehicles near each other so that the battery in one vehicle is near to the battery in the other. In most Honda vehicles, the battery is under the hood in front. Some foreign cars have batteries in the trunk, hidden under panels. 
  2. Check to be sure that you’ve engaged both parking brakes. 
  3. Locate the batteries. You may need to remove a plastic hood to expose the battery terminals in some cases. 
  4. Identify the positive and negative terminals. Clean off any corrosion on them.
  5. Connect the red clamp to the positive post on the dead battery.
  6. Uncoiling the battery cable, hook the other red clamp to the positive terminal of the battery with the charge.
  7. Connect the black clamp to the negative post on the good battery. 
  8. For the last clamp, connect it to an unpainted metal (grounded) surface on your car’s frame.
  9. Once everything is hooked up securely, it’s time to start the engine of the vehicle with the good battery.
  10. After starting the charged vehicle, start the one with a dead battery.
  11. Once the dead vehicle has been jump-started, carefully remove the jumper cables in the reverse order that they were put on.
  12. Turn off the car that was used to help jump-start the dead car.
  13. Run the engine on the restarted vehicle for 10 minutes minimum to ensure that the weak battery doesn’t die again right away. Consult your owner’s manual for more info on recommended times.

Jump-Start Car Service With Honda Roadside Assistance

New Honda vehicles usually come with Honda Roadside Assistance for a limited time. Certified pre-owned models may also offer this service. Curious to learn more? Call 1-866-864-5211, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

More Battery Tips and Tricks

If your car won’t jump-start, you might need a new battery put in. To confirm whether or not that’s the case, these handy tests can often help:

  1. Do you just hear a clicking sound when you try to start your vehicle in Watford City? Your car’s starter might be broken.
  2. If the electrical systems of the car turn on, but the engine fails to start, you could be dealing with a number of issues. The ignition switch, battery, starter, or even a fuse could be the culprit.
  3. Be sure to keep your vehicle running for a while after getting the jump. That allows the battery to recharge fully after it’s been drained.

Turn to Ryan Honda for Service

Whether you need a Honda oil change, battery service, new brakes, or just about anything else, We’re the go-to Honda service shop in greater Williston. Give us a call at (701) 577-1111 for more information, or consult with someone from our service teamif you have more battery and jump-start-related questions. Meanwhile, schedule service online.


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