Why is My Car Leaking Water?

Puddle of fluid underneath a leaking vehicle


Is your car leaking water? If so, it’s natural to be worried. After all, water in an enclosed space can lead to mold. This can not only cause unpleasant smells, but also result in potential respiratory issues and other health problems. So, why is your car leaking water? Well, if your car is leaking water inside, it’s usually due to an issue with a seal, like in the sunroof or windshield. If, however, your car is leaking water from underneath on the outside, usually that’s no cause for concern and is only due to the A/C being run. Contact our service team today to see exactly what is causing your car to leak water.

Discovering the Cause of Water Leaks from Your Car

Is water leaking from under your vehicle? Just to be safe, you may wish to take the following steps to see if in fact it is water that’s leaking or something more serious that just appears to be water:

  • Put down a sheet of paper underneath the leak. If it’s water, it’ll run clear. But if it’s blue, green, or yellow, it’s probably not water, but coolant. If this is the case, schedule service ASAP! While coolant is usually easy to spot thanks to its bright neon-esque color, you can always check the level to make sure. If it’s low, you’ll want to bring your car to a certified service centerquickly.
  • Is water leaking from your exhaust? While a small amount is normal, a large amount, especially when accompanied by white smoke, can indicate a blown gasket. This is another serious concern that should be remedied immediately at our service center.
  • Another common cause of what appears to be water leaking from underneath a car that’s not from the A/C is a cracked windshield wiper fluid reservoir. How do you know it’s wiper fluid? Use the paper test, and check for a light blue or light green color and texture/viscosity that’s much less thick than coolant, which has a similar slippery consistency to soap. Wiper fluid leaks can usually be found by the front tires.

Which Fluid is Leaking from My Car?

When you conduct the handy paper test we’ve recommended above, there are several color fluids that you could potentially come across. Here’s an overview of some common colors and what they’re likely to be:

  • Red – Transmission Fluid or Power Steering Fluid
  • Orange – Transmission Fluid or Radiator Coolant
  • Yellow – Radiator Coolant
  • Green – Antifreeze from Water Pump, Hoses, or Radiator
  • Blue – Windshield Wiper Fluid
  • Dark Brown – Brake Fluid or Older Engine Oil
  • Light Brown – Newer Engine Oil or Gear Lubricant
  • Pink – Power Steering Fluid or Transmission Fluid

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