How Do Hybrid Cars Work?

2021 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid driving at night


Hybrid electric vehicles, or “hybrids,” as they’re more commonly referred to are becoming more and more popular on Watford City and Dickinson streets. Why is that? Well, hybrids use an electric motor alongside or to supplement a gasoline motor. Plug-in hybrids even offer a certain amount of all-electric range. Read on about the different types of hybrids and what they have to offer now with Ryan Honda.

Parallel Hybrid vs. Series Hybrid Vehicles

Honda makes a ton of compelling hybrids and fuel-cell models, including:

  • The Honda Insight
  • The Honda Accord Hybrid
  • The Honda CR-V Hybrid
  • The Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid
  • The Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle

All of the above vehicles, with the exception of the last one, are considered hybrids. But plug-in hybrids like the Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid are very different from other hybrids like the Honda Insight. Read on to learn more about the three main hybrid types below with Ryan Honda. Have questions along the way at any point in time? Just contact us!

Parallel Hybrid

The majority of vehicles sold today are parallel hybrids. In this type of hybrid, an electric motor and gasoline engine are connected to the transmission. Both power sources are, then, used at the same time to power the vehicle. 

Series Hybrid

Series hybrids utilize an electric motor paired with a gasoline engine, but in a different way than parallel hybrids. In this case, just the electric motor is paired with the transmission. The electric motor, thus, functions as the sole source of power with the gasoline engine acting as a generator for the electric motor.

How Hybrid vs. Plug-In Electric Vehicles Work

Plug-in hybrids are, as noted above, are different from other types of hybrids. How do plug-in hybrid cars work? Similar to true electric vehicles (EVs), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles use electric power only for a certain period of time. Then, they revert to gasoline power, or use the gas motor as a generator like a series hybrid. Here’s more information:

  • Plug-in hybrids can go further on electric power alone than regular hybrids thanks to more capable battery packs. 
  • For short distances around Dickinson, you can use a plug-in hybrid almost just like you’d use an EV — relying on 100% electric power, then recharging the battery at night.
  • Looking to take a longer trip that exceeds the electric driving range? You can fill up on gasoline like you would with a standard vehicle in a plug-in hybrid.
  • Because they don’t rely solely on electricity, hybrid plug-in vehicles usually take between 1 and 4 hours to fully charge.

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