When to Use Honda Econ Mode

Dashboard view of a 2021 Honda Pilot

Available as an optional feature on most new Honda vehicles, the Honda Econ button calibrates vehicle systems for maximum fuel efficiency, matching Watford City  driving conditions in real-time. So what else can Honda Econ mode do to save you money at the gas pump? Read the guide below from the Ryan Honda service center to learn when to use the Honda Econ button and save more on fuel.

How Honda Econ Mode Works

Never used the Econ button? Honda drivers can save money on gas by engaging Econ mode, which allows you to change the settings for a variety of vehicle systems. With Econ mode turned on, Dickinson drivers can set the vehicle’s performance to fit the road and weather conditions at hand:

  • Throttle – Honda Econ mode adjusts throttle response, softening acceleration in order to save fuel.
  • Transmission – You’ll also see some effects on your vehicle’s transmission when you engage the Econ button. Honda gear shifts recalibrated to shift at lower RPMs.
  • Cruise Control – If Honda Econ mode is on while you’re using Cruise Control, the vehicle will downshift less often to maintain a constant speed. You may notice minor speed variations on hills, but your vehicle will be operating with greater fuel efficiency.
  • Air Conditioning – Your car may take a few extra minutes to get cool when Econ mode is on because the air conditioner compressor will cycle on and off more often.

When to Use the Econ Button in Honda Vehicles

When to use the Honda Econ button—and when not to—depends on the driving experience you’re looking for. We suggest pressing the Econ button in your Honda when:

  • Cruising the New Town highway at a steady speed
  • Encountering stop-and-go driving conditions in downtown Williston
  • Driving on relatively flat terrain
  • Summer heat is mild and won’t demand max A/C

If you’re still wondering when to use the Honda Econ button, the short answer is that most daily driving is just fine! As long as you won’t need to accelerate quickly or deal with unusual or challenging conditions, you can safely use Econ mode to save on fuel.

When Not to Use Honda Econ Mode

Now that you know when to use the Honda Econ button, it’s important to know when it’s best not to. Don’t use Econ mode when:

  • Temperatures and humidity are very high
  • Merging or passing on highways and roadways
  • While towing any amount
  • In challenging weather conditions or unstable road surfaces

Increase Fuel Efficiency with Honda Econ Mode

Explore the lineup of fuel-efficient Honda vehicles for sale at Ryan Honda today! We’re happy to provide more info and answer your questions about other Honda technologies like Lane Keep AssistContact us today! The 2022 Honda Civic fuel economy info is available!

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